Corrugated Steel Pipe is the ideal solution for all Highway related projects requiring Water Management Solutions Plus.

  • Bridges

    The Canadian Highway Bridge Design Code (CHBDC) and many jurisdictions define a bridge as a structure with a span greater than three metres. Standard CSP culverts are available in diameters up to 3600 mm or in pipe arch shapes with spans up to 4370 mm. Long lengths of lightweight CSP make for fast, economical bridge installations.

  • Caissons

    CSP can be installed vertically and filled with granular materials to act as a bridge pier or to protect support pilings.

  • Culvert Relines

    A major challenge that MTQ designers faced was maintaining sufficient end area in the new liner to carry the mountain runoff. Relining became the only solution.

  • Culverts

    Bolted Open Bottom Arches. Smaller, open bottom arches in a variety of steel materials provide quick installations of economical culverts and bridges for temporary and permanent applications.

  • Ground Water and Sub Drainage

    Perforated CSP is used for the collection or dispersion of ground water.

  • Storm Sewers

    Alleviate urban flooding by using CSP storm sewers to collect and direct storm water runoff.

  • Under / Overpasses

    Culverts are enclosed channels serving as a continuation of an open stream that has met an artificial barrier such as a road or embankment. When wildlife is affected new roadways, smaller culverts may be added to aid in crossing the roads and decreasing fatalities. In the case where fish and wildlife live in a stream, the culvert may be fitted with baffles to encourage fish migration.

  • Underground Storm Water Management

    Urbanization requires new drainage concepts for the safe and efficient management of storm water runoff. Retention, detention, and groundwater recharge systems are all options that may be constructed with CSP.