About Us

The Corrugated Steel Pipe Institute (CSPI) is the Association of Canadian corrugated steel pipe (CSP) manufacturers. We are an impartial organization that works with our member manufacturers, plus engineers and municipalities around the world, to gather data and information to make CSPI the essential information resource for water and soil management in Canada.

We are Water Management Solutions PLUS, delivering more than just information on CSP. CSPI promotes CSP and sustainable engineering practices as the most effective means of managing, directing, and containing the forces of soil and water. We help all CSP users maximize CSP’s advantages of superior strength, versatility, and sustainability through flexible and versatile solutions. These CSP solutions preserve environments, both natural and built up, plus promote public safety, manage or detain water, and much more. Working closely with our members, CSPI also helps develop new product standards, recommended designs, installations, and applications.

CSPI delivers the industry’s latest technical information, resources, assistance, guidance, and education on everything to do with CSP solutions. With more than 100 years of engineering expertise behind us, we provide assistance to the public, government officials, and engineers in finding the right CSP solutions for projects and getting the greatest value for today’s dollar.

Educating CSP users is a priority for CSPI. To ensure all users have access to the latest resources, we provide technical support and educational seminars, as well as actively support Canada’s Engineering and Technology Universities and Colleges through seminars, resource materials, research support, and academic competitions.