CSP Attributes & Benefits

Corrugated Steel Pipe (CSP) is manufactured to exacting specifications to ensure a high quality product that is optimized for strength, durability, ease of installation, sustainability, and economy. CSP is a flexible material that combines the strength of steel and the stiffness of corrugation with the load bearing abilities of backfill to manage the forces of soil and water. The result is a strong product with outstanding longevity and durability. 

Manufacturers offer CSP in a variety of sizes, lengths, corrugations, and thicknesses with coatings to extend life cycles and stand up to aggressive conditions. Understanding the Canadian environment, the CSPI helps engineers decipher information, providing detailed material specifications, load calculations and tables, hydraulic parameters, and design service life analyses to assist in material selection for the right soil and water management solution to support a sustainable future.

CSPI and manufacturers use studies to understand and quantify the durability performance of CSP, including:

DSL (Design Service Life)

By estimating project life designers set a target to ensure the most efficient selection of materials and economical design.

EMSL (Estimated Material Service Life)

Taking into account abrasion loads, soil and water Chemistry, CSP thickness and coating type a material with a service life (EMSL) that matches the Design Service Life (DSL) can be selected. 

CSP Materials

Includes Polymer Laminated Galvanized Steel; Aluminized Type 2 Steel; and Galvanized Steel.


Simple on-site water testing leads to sound material selection. Registered quality control procedures assure CSP product excellence. 

CSP is not just a pipe!