Natural Resources

Solutions that help with fish migration, animal crossings, global warming, forest fires, beetle infestations, beaver dams, permafrost melting, oil spills, and more.

  • Beaver Grates

    Keep beavers from building dams and plugging culvert entrances. Grates do not harm the beavers and allow fish and water to freely pass through the culvert.

  • Field Access with Underpasses / Overpasses

    Give farm animals access to ranch land or native species access to natural areas that are divided by roads and railway tracks. CSP solutions provide safe passage for equipment, as well as all animals.

  • Fire Fighting Water Tanks

    CSP can be installed underground or above ground as a lined caisson to collect and hold water for fire-fighting operations.

  • Fish Migration

    Extensive experience has shown clearly that culverts can be designed to provide for fish passage.

  • Global Warming

    CSP helps combat the consequences of increased runoff due to land use changes upstream. Proper use of CSP can aid in preventing erosion and assist in moving debris and trash due to deforestation.