Solutions for wind energy, tower base design, tower stability, cooling water intakes, penstocks and utilidors.

  • Access Roads

    As a result of its strength, light weight and resistance to facture CSP can be installed quickly, easily and with the least expensive equipment making it an ideal solution for water crossings on access roads in remote locations and difficult terrain.

  • Cooling Water Lines

    CSP used is for cooling water intakes in power plants, as well as discharge lines carrying heated effluent to sufficient depth for dilution. Subaqueous installation is common requiring divers and special features.

  • Dams & Levees

    CSP is used to help create small dams for soil conservation and to supply water for livestock on ranches. It’s also used for larger dams to impound water for irrigation, hydro electric production, and recreation.

  • Utility Conduits

    CSP conduits encase and safely protect water, steam, gas lines, power cables, and high pressure lines that must pass beneath embankments or buildings.

  • Wind Turbine Bases

    Large diameter CSP caissons provide stable support anchors in deep soils for wind turbine and transmission towers.