Stream crossings for access roads, plus combating beaver dams, firefighting tanks, and load adjusters.

  • Access Roads

    As a result of its strength, light weight and resistance to facture CSP can be installed quickly, easily and with the least expensive equipment making it an ideal solution for water crossings on access roads in remote locations and difficult terrain.

  • Beaver Grates

    Keep beavers from building dams and plugging culvert entrances. Grates do not harm the beavers and allow fish and water to freely pass through the culvert.

  • Dams & Levees

    CSP is used to help create small dams for soil conservation and to supply water for livestock on ranches. It’s also used for larger dams to impound water for irrigation, hydro electric production, and recreation.

  • Fire Fighting Water Tanks

    CSP can be installed underground or above ground as a lined caisson to collect and hold water for fire-fighting operations.

  • Stream Crossings

    CSP culverts and small bridges provide strong, easily installed, economical crossings for heavy vehicles in remote forestry locations.