• E-blast Archive - Climate Change, Everyone's Business

    Posted on octobre 10, 2019

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  • Web Series 001 Recap

    Posted on février 25, 2016

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  • Saugeen River Fish Baffle

    Posted on février 17, 2016

    A deteriorated concrete box culvert conveying a tributary of the Saugeen River under Highway 21 had reached the end of its lifespan and was in need of replacement.  Concern – the tributary’s support of a diverse range of coldwater fish species.

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  • CSA Updates: What's New?

    Posted on décembre 20, 2014

    Published earlier this year, the fifth edition of specification updates for "Corrugated Steel Pipe Products CSA G401-14" includes the following changes:

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  • Seeing Is Believing: New Site Locations

    Posted on décembre 19, 2014

    Results from a growing network of current CSP culvert installation test sites, spread throughout every region of Canada, are intended to demonstrate how matching a particular CSP steel type and/or coating to the specific threats posed by its local environment can greatly extend its service life. Seeing is Believing is an ongoing, CSPI database initiative that measures and records performance and longevity at designated test sites.

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  • CSPI News

    Posted on décembre 17, 2014

    This past month has witnessed a number of changes to CSPI’s Board and Executive Committees.  We are sad to say goodbye to our Past President Kenzie MacPherson, formerly of Atlantic Industries, and to Allan and Betty Hubbell of ES Hubbell, and Guy Gelinas from ArcelorMittall, and Mike Mounts from DOW Chemical. 

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  • In Commemoration of the London Blitz 1940-1941

    Posted on novembre 12, 2012

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  • Buried Steel Structures Perform

    Posted on août 15, 2012

    Comprend le rendement durant toute la durée de vie théorique d’un projet est essentiel afin de bien sélectionner l’acier et les revêtements appropriés pour des structures d’acier enterrées.

    Le bulletin technique no 13 récemment publié et un livre blanc complémentaire examinent en profondeur le rendement, d’après l’expérience et les réflexions d’ingénieurs des ponts du Canada.

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  • Via derailment fuel spill cleaned up

    Posted on mars 30, 2012

    CN Rail has cleaned up an estimated 4,000 litres of fuel spilled during a fatal passenger train derailment in Burlington.

    The diesel fuel leaked out of the engine of VIA Train 92 after it derailed on Feb. 26 near Enfield Road in Burlington, crashing into an industrial building and killing three engineers.

    The leaked fuel, enough to fill about 38 bathtubs, appears to have been contained in the soil near the tracks, said Jennifer Hall, spokeswoman for the provincial Ministry of the Environment.

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  • Corrugated Steel Pipe, The Next 100 Years Seminar

    Posted on août 29, 2011

    Join us for look at the history of the industry and its many innovations.

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